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science & design

Hello there!

Do you love science, design, drawing, arts, and all the disciplines that help communicate it? You came to the right place! Visiting the site you will find information about Esporas and its creator Fancy Guiselle.
You can also review the 
scientific communication projects  she had done, and see the interviews, news, and workshops that she had made and dictated.

If you have a project, idea in mind or want to collab, you can find all the information in the section for 
contact her. And if you still have doubts about what you need, check the services and examples of them.

I hope you enjoy exploring!

Within the framework of the 2022 Science Festival, a national celebration promoted by the Science and Society Division of the Ministry of Science and  Explora Valparaiso in the Valparaíso Region, the community of the Valparaíso Region chose 8 outstanding women in various disciplines throughout the entire regional territory, for their contributions as generators of knowledge.

Check the others featured women here.

Learn more by clicking on the image or here 
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