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- Coronavirus - 

Infographics for social networks, 2020-2021

Since the beginning of the Pandemic, when we still knew very little, fear took hold of many people (including myself) and the most sensible way I found to calm anxiety was to start asking questions in order to understand what was happening. As a result of these conversations with Camila Garrido (doctor DF Aysén) and Victor Fica (Bioengineer, PhD Candidate in Bioinformatics) these infographics were born, which also meant the start of Esporascicomm, and which were shared in different media, hospitals, emergency centers , clinics, colleges and schools.


How does COVID act?

Although there are still many doubts about the #coronavirus, we know how it is spread and what its symptoms are. But what exactly does el  do to it?#covid19 to our body? How does it infect it and how does our body react? We show you what happens in risk cases (people over 60, cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic lung diseases...) whose bodies unfortunately do not recover.


It is not only our health and that of our families, it is a matter of social responsibility. We take care of each other!


Remember: #Let's get informed through reliable sources, let's share the #information and let's help reduce panic and hysteria.

The pandemic del #Covid19 will mark a before and after in all affected countries. The consequences will highlight the deficiencies that we have as people, the problems of our societies and the limits of the States to meet the needs of the population. But in the debates that arise and will arise, we cannot forget the biological and material causes of the epidemic.

Wildlife trafficking is killing off species faster than any other factor, such as habitat loss or climate change, even though all three factors are highly related.

Should I worry if I'm young?

What is "flattening the curve"? Why is self-care so important? Do we influence the health status of others? What actions should we take as individuals?
Panic can cause many more problems than el #coronavirus.

The objective now is to "buy time" for the epidemic, to reduce the speed of transmission. We know that works. We know how to do it. But everything depends on the responsibility of each one of us.

Let's find out through reliable sources, let's share the #information and let's help reduce panic and hysteria.

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