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Women and Girls in Science 11F

Today is #InternationalWomenInScienceDay 🔬 Women scientists work in the field, in the laboratory, give conferences, write scientific articles, are professors, thesis tutors and participate in outreach events, among a wide variety of roles. But its value (or its lack of) ends up being reduced to a single and biased aspect: being a woman. Like every year, my February begins by collecting information on 10 women who are dedicated to different fields of science; communication, teaching, dissemination, research etc, to highlight them during this month. While I was drawing and reviewing old illustrations of women that I illustrated last year, I was very moved to realize that I have always had incredible women by my side who drive me every day to continue, who have supported me since my beginnings in arts, architecture and design and then when I decided to focus all those visual communication tools on "showing the invisible" (microorganisms!) they also supported me with information, inviting me to scientific communication groups, sending me reading material, accounts I should follow ✨💚 💜✨ A huge hug to ALL the women who resist and fight to shorten the gender gaps that affect us all, regardless of the circle or race ✊🏾

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