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science and design,
a special connection

Hello! My name is Fancy and I amIndustrial designer. I specialized in development, technical specifications and graphic representation of products. I studied tooArt, Architecture and Biotechnologyand during those years I learned different visual techniques to tell stories, methodologies to carry out projects and creative processes, and tools that allow me tovisually display scientific conceptswhich are usually complicated. 

Science has always fascinated me and that is why my approach from the arts and industrial design iseffectively communicate not only your results, but also your processes, actors, and investigations. With this in mind, I foundedsporascicomm, a design studio for science communicationin which which I have created a common and unique visual and verbal language to bring scientific information closer to the non-specialist public, anddialogue about the scientific phenomena with which we live;mainly focused on the Natural Sciences, specifically theMicrobiology (discipline that I am passionate about).


I have designed and illustrated products, books, magazines, comics, and infographics with scientific themes for different Universities around the world, research centers, and researchers. I designed educational STEM products for children inCore Skillsandeducational effect, and I am an editor and designer ofCambalache Magazine(USACH).

I am a member of the International Council of Design, the World Design Organization, Comunica Ciencia Chile, Co-Founder of ACCVi, the first visual scientific communication association in Chile and I was elected"Outstanding woman of our land, 2022"Valparaíso Region, by the Science and Society Division of the Ministry of Science and Explora Valparaíso. 


I am currently researching and experimenting withmicroorganisms and fungi, for the production and manufacture ofbiomaterialsand its application in the manufacture of products for scientific communication.


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