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International Women's Day

"There is no right way to be a woman (or to be), and the way you are is the only right way."

It has been quite a journey, full of changes and learning, but this conversation and phrase from many years ago stayed with me and helped me put aside prejudices when it comes to loving, caring, and admiring. I have read so many different ways to approach this date, and I find it incredible.

If you don't like wearing a dress, good for you, if you don't like wearing long hair, great, if you don't like dancing at a club, fantastic, if you don't want to be a mom, great, if you don't want to put on makeup or wax, incredible! But just as we do not like to be imposed stupid rules, we must not impose our convictions on others.

There is no one way of being, feeling, and living ourselves as a woman; the path you-we travel is a personal decision. And personally, the only thing that I care about, more than how we see on the outside, is how we act and treat others.

All women are welcome. In every color, shape, and size. At least here, from my sidewalk, where the circle of containment and support throughout my life has been diverse and splendid, full of gentle, open, infinite, and eternal love.

Here I could not deny and turn my back on what each of the amazing women in my life has given me. Many doors have been closed to me in different spaces; for not being straight enough, not being queer enough, not being "feminist-look-alike" enough... and I wouldn't be able to do it with someone else.

Here, we are all enough.


💜 ✨You can find info about two incredible women in the Inspiring Scientist section. Soon we'll have a section dedicated only to amazing women from different disciplines!

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