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¡Micro-Zines! (and science-zines)

Have you heard about #zines?

Zines are short, self-published booklets with a small circulation, original texts and images, and photocopied to reproduce them. The meaning and tone depend a lot on personal taste, but they are used to inform or tell a story or experience in general. There are thousands, millions of zines, as varied and diverse as the people who make them.

(This is one of our first zines, very personal, base on a poetry Fancy wrote)

We are working and preparing a collection of #zinescientists that we call SciZines (duh, how original) focused on telling you in an illustrated way about #vaccines and the Micro-Zines focused on explaining different #microbiology concepts. All of them will be part of our little store, which is still in the process of being created (fine-tuning details), and for a small contribution, you can take them everywhere, give them away or even frame them, actually use them as you want!

As always, we will also have versions for free download and printing.

Please don't change the channel; we are working!

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