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Esporas at Chile Científico (chilean Science website)

Wow! How to start? It was super important and exciting for us. It meant that we were (and are) doing things right. When we started publishing, we wanted to help transmit the information shared in different media, but that (let's say) was very difficult to understand.

There are so many social media accounts on science communication, and we admire all of them; however, our approach is not "realistic," to put it one way. We do not want to do scientific illustration, but to illustrate, design, and draw what we understand and explain it through design.

In this note, we talk about our beginnings, why we wanted to do it, how is the process behind each illustration, booklet, or document, and the projects that come in the future.

It has been a short road but full of joys and good vibes from the entire community of science communicators in Chile (and in other countries). We are very grateful.

We don't want to stop!

You can read the full note that Paz Santander from Chile Científico wrote about us here (spanish only):

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